After delving into the training scenarios and familiarizing myself with the rules and concepts, it was time to start the full campaign in earnest. Adopting the fictional squadron designation of No. 725, the campaign begins with the first of 4 chapters – “Skirmishing Over the Channel.”

After the fall of France, the Luftwaffe embarked on a campaign to destroy the RAF and establish air supremacy over Britain- a key component in any attempted invasion of the British Isles. Seeking to lure the RAF into battle over the Channel, the Luftwaffe routinely struck ports and ships. Keen to rebuff these attacks but avoid a contracted battle, the RAF still needed to engage and contest the airspace. This chapter covers the first month of the Battle of Britain, from July 10th 1940 to August 10th 1940.

This was the first of six patrols and despite difficulties in intercepting the raid, Squadron No. 725 downed 3 Dornier bombers and all 12 pilots returned to base safely.

I was set to cover more of this particular patrol but technical difficulties precluded the use of much of the footage I shot. But I was able to capture several of the bomber rounds and summarize the action.