The 4th Engagement Scenario take us to the jungles of Burma as the Japanese thrusts along the coast with Rangoon as the final destination. Standing in their way are British and Indian divisions defending along the Solween and Chindwin Rivers.

This scenario introduces sustained ground combat with air support, using all the rules that have been learned up to this point.

I was bogged down for a bit in absorbing the ground combat rules and was taking things too literally, and slowly stumbling into the wider world of activations, BCM markers, and getting involved with rules that were not meant to be used here. The reason being, its nearly impossible for the Japanese to win under the scenario conditions if playing against a human opponent if they play optimally. This was the splinter in my eye as I doubted even the basics. But after a few hours I stepped back and realized this was a training scenario not meant to be played competitively but rather as a tutorial. Move the counters, follow the procedure and practice. And good practice it was.

I need to remind myself – “Patience my young Padawan.” – I will get there.