The second Engagement Scenario introduces the player to naval combat with the Battle of Savo Island fought over the night of August 8-9, 1942 at the outset of the Guadalcanal campaign. The Japanese Navy is attempting to disrupt the Marines landings on the island and seek to to inflict maximum damage on the amphibious transport while preventing their owns ships from sinking.

The scenario is intended to introduce players to the mechanisms of naval combat without the extra trappings of range bidding, contact and searching. The Japanese have already achieved surprise and are able to get off 2 salvos before the Allies can even respond.

With judicious use of their torpedoes and a little bit of luck, the Japanese can sink the amphibious transport but if they focus their firepower too much on just the transport, it leaves the Allies to respond with impunity and a small chance to sink 2 of their ships which would negate their victory and result in a strategic draw.

With another piece of the puzzle solved and absorbed, the total learning of this game and its myriad of systems continues.