Since breaking out Panzer and playing it for the first time late last year, I’ve always done so face to face with a friend. But I decided to get it to the table for a two handed solitaire game, settling on the 5th scenario from the base game, The Passing.

Tasked with crossing a river, elements of Kampgruppe Wetzel look to challenge and bypass the 112th Tank Brigade and exit the western edge of the map. The Soviets have the advantage of first positioning and can focus fields of fire on the three chokepoints where the Germans must cross. But the Germans have a crucial +20 DRM to the initiative roll which theoretically will give them a better chance to move first and close the distance with the Soviets.

What ensued was a fierce firefight with wide shots and a bevy of track hits. Despite leaving a trail of broken and shattered hulls along the road, the Germans managed to close and systematically silence the Soviet tanks. This scenario highlighted the effectiveness of combined tactics between the tanks and infantry, which can use GP fire to suppress or eliminate the AT guns.

As usual, this scenario, even played solo, was wildly entertaining and continues to show the incredible depth and replayability of this design.