When it comes time to lay down a map and set up a title, it is more than a game. It’s an exercise in historical study, a narrative framework from which I can synthesize and explore different historical outcomes and examine how certain rulesets reflect our understanding of previous conflicts. And when the dice start rolling, nothing sets the mood better than a proper soundtrack.

Now, tastes in music range wildly and I love my usual genre fare but I prefer music that establishes an appropriate atmosphere, something cinematic and engrossing. Depending on the game topic, I lean heavily on film and video game scores congruent with the setting and time period. I rarely use diegetic or contemporary music from the era but their are, of course, exceptions (notably for American Civil War or Napoleonics).

Listed below is the collection of playlists I have made over the years covering most of my games. Even if the specific titles or scores don’t correspond with the subject matter, I used tracks that helped establish a particular mood for the game. There are plenty of duplicates between them as the same score can be used in several different settings but I think most are distinct and different enough to warrant so many. Hope you enjoy!

The Second World War

Western Front

North Africa

Eastern Front

Pacific Theater

Resisting the Nazis

Submarine Warfare

Aerial Warfare

The First World War

American Civil War

Napoleonic Wars

American Revolution/ French and Indian War

Cold War

War on Terror

Medieval Warfare