The first scenario has the brigades of Robertson and Law (under Hood) assaulting Big and Little Round Top. Elements of Wards brigade and the entirety of Vincent’s brigade oppose them.

The 4th Maine withdrew in the face of greater Confederate numbers as Law struggled to push through the difficult rocky and woody terrain.

Not withdrawing quickly enough, the 4th Maine was shattered by fire and close combat of the 4th Texas. Law overran Big Round Top.

What ensued was a tough as nails, back and forth exchange for the peak of Little Round Top. The lower cohesion ratings of the Union regiments saw them pushed off but their fiery counter attacks consistently pushed the Confederate regiments back.

With the last turn (6:00 pm) approaching the Union was in firm control of Little Round Top but a desperate high risk assault by Robertson’s severely depleted regiments proved effective enough to push off the 44th New York regiment. With the chit pull cup depleted, the Union had no initiative to respond.

The Confederates had pulled victory from the jaws of almost certain defeat.