In spirit of the national holiday, this year I played a Gettysburg design in early July, choosing GMT’s Clash of Giants system by Ted Racier. The title features units on the brigade level and activates corps/divisions with a chit pull system.

July 1st, 1863

The historical set up has the cavalry brigades under Buford defending the Chambersburg Pike as Heth’s division arrives on the field. Devin and Gamble hold back Heth’s division long enough for the Union 1st Corps to arrive on Seminary Ridge.

Sharp clashes exact a terrible toll on the 1st Corps and Buford but Anderson’s division was delayed until the evening while Hood and McLaws’ divisions of Longsreet’s corps were delayed until the morning of July 2nd, furthering complicating the Confederate efforts to seize the high ground south of the town.

As dusk falls, the Confederates took the time to recuperate several depleted brigades, while the Union slowly withdrew the surviving brigades of the 1st Corps back towards the shelter of Cemetery Ridge which has been reinforced by the 12th and 9th Corps.

With much of his forces still enroute, Lee had to decide how to proceed in the morning and whether an attack would be prudent. Meade was also cautious and will have to choose whether to stand his ground or counter attack.

Confederate VPs: 15

Union VPs: 3

July 2nd, 1863

Despite enforcing Cemetery Ridge with the rest of the Union Army, the 1st Corps was not able to join under the cover of darkness. Attempting to exploit this, the Confederates launched several attacks to destroy the Corps. Fighting tenaciously, the 1st Corps beat back the assaults and withdrew to Cemetery Ridge.

Elsewhere, Rodes division pressed on Culp’s Hill threating the Union flank.

Overall, the Confederates were launching undercoordinated, hasty attacks to disrupt the Union forces from consolidating. These attacks imperiled Johnston’s division which managed to survive intact.

As the day progressed, the Union felt emboldened to leave the high ground from Cemetery Ridge, but counter strokes by Pender forced back the Union. Culp’s Hill came close to falling to the Confederates as casualties begin to mount on both sides in the wake of an indecisive yet bloddy assault against Cemetery Ridge.

The Confederates pulled back for the night and plotted their strategy for the morning of the 3rd.

Confederate VPs: 33

Union VPs: 29

July 3rd, 1863

Early in the morning, Hood engaged with and pushed back the 1st Corps as he maneuvered south of the Union defensive lines, eventually seizing the Peach Orchard. They clashed again at the Wheat Field and the preponderance of Union artillery was able to tip the balance and sent Hood into retreat.

To the north, the Union pushed back and seized the majority of Culp’s Hill back from the Confederates.

With the fate of the battle hanging in the balance, Lee authorized an all out assault on the center of the Union line to inflict the necessary casualty VPs to win the battle. Heth, McLaws and PIckett threw their divisions against Cemetery Ridge. Fierce fighting ensued, with several Confederates brigades breaching the line and holding the high ground. Union counterattacks failed to dislodged the Confederates and only inflicted more. With the center breached and shattered, the Union had no choice but to withdraw and quit the field.

With the help of several Delay VPs, the Confederates won an automatic victory through the sheer amount of casualties inflicted. The Army of Northern Virginia triumphed and soundly defeated the Army of the Potomac.

Confederate VPs: 41

Union VPs: 35