The Nazis are at it again in the newest title from Revolution Games. Using the acclaimed chit pull mechanism from his Dark series, Ted Raicer is the mind behind The Deadly Woods: The Battle of the Bulge.

This playthrough covers the first 2 turns of the game from December 16th to December 19th, 1944 as the Germans penetrate the American lines and push their way through the rough and deadly terrain.

Even though the Allies were caught by surprise, the flow of the battle is mimicking the rhythm of the real campaign. Isolated and cut off regiments are holding off entire divisions, the artillery superiority of the 5th Corps is hampering the 6th Panzer Army efforts to break out. And as in any well designed Bulge game, the use of free and open roads is paramount and traffic jams will kill a breakthrough as much as enemy fire.

The Germans are at the gates of Bastogne, and have captured St. Vith and Houffalize. But they still have to break the enclosing Allied net if they hope to ever reach the Meuse.

Stay tuned for Part 2.