The New Year brought a litany of reprieves and my little niche of war gaming was no different. I added several new titles to my burgeoning collection, all focused on the Second World War.

Here’s a rundown.

After reading an excellent article by David Thompson, I impulsively bought Undaunted: Normandy from Miniature Market. I cannot recommend the sequel Undaunted: North Africa enough, so after seeing the historical firefights that inspired the original game, I had to pick it up.

Some time after that, a game I pre-ordered from Worthington Games finally came. Battle of the Bulge 1944 by Dan Fournie plays a lot like a traditionally block game, just without the blocks. Featuring less than 100 counters and no stacking, the game is easy to learn and plays rather quickly. I’m currently running through my first solo play but I will have more thoughts on the overall game in the coming weeks.

And I saved the best for last. I’ve been eyeing RAF: Battle for Britain for over a year but was discouraged by the price of the current edition from Decision Games, not to mention the cost of shipping. But Alexander from the Player’s Aid just had to tweet about potentially doing a review on the title, so I impulsively scoured EBay for a copy of the 2009 edition. Suffice to say, I found one for a decent price and scooped it up. This is a substantial addition to my collection, a dedicated solitaire game about one of my favorite Second World War campaigns. More to come on this one.